TMA & NRSWA Products – Utilities

Streetwork Solutions provide training courses and seminars supporting essential business processes such as TMA, Permit Schemes and Lane Rental for the following groups:

Groups we train

Street Manager and EToN
NRSWA and TMA Technical Administrators
Operations Managers, Engineers and Planners
Contractor Back Office
Defect Management teams
Field Force Operatives including Sub Contractors


Our products are designed to

Reduce FPNs and Section 74 Overstay Charges
Improve Overall NRSWA Compliance Levels
Improve Permit Application Success
Reduce Lane Rental Liabilities
Enhance Your Reputation


Other products available

TMA Notification Service
Permit Application Service
Permit, FPN and Lane Rental Seminars
EToN System Implementation
Performance Improvement Reports
Performance Improvement Initiatives
Mentoring Service for technical staff
Permit Scheme Workshops

We understand every client has different needs. Every course for every client is bespoke at no extra cost. Please contact us to to discuss bespoke products for your organisation.

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If you have a training or system/processes requirement

Seven key Partners:


Highways (Roads) authorities

highways authorities engineers, planners and contractors

Utilities companies

Utility Contractors and Sub Contractors

Representatives groups of the above including JAG, JUG, and HAUC

Department for Transport

The Roadworks Comissioner, Scotland

Why use Streetwork Solutions?

We work with and train utility companies, councils and contractors.

We train all street works staff, from the field force through to directors.

We provide training for 'Street Manager' to Utilities and Authorities.

We have implemented and trained EToN (Now Wales) since 1999.

We understand and minimise your NRSWA and TMA risks.


Streetwork Solutions are here to assist, in whatever way possible, organisations that regularly need to dig up roads, repair potholes, install cabling or pipes etc..

Street Manager and EToN

Street Manager – the DfT Solution to a Central Street Works Register for England 2020-
EToN (Electronic Transfer of Noticing) is the term used for the two way transmission of notices in Wales 1999-

Section 74 Charges

Charges were introduced for unreasonably prolonged works with an initial charge of between £100 and £2500 per working day of overrun. Streetwork Solutions help reduce any Section 74 charges that could be incurred.

New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991

The key streetworks legislation enacted in September 1993 to replace PUSWA 1950. This legislation underpins the significant requirements including the Traffic Management Act 2004, Transport for Scotland Act 2005, Permit Schemes and Lane Rental.




Our Clients


Since 1993 Streetwork Solutions have provided training and trusted support to over 150 Utility Companies and 50 Local Authorities.

We supply a complete service to our client's organisation. Our role is to ensure that all the necessary relevant  instruction is provided to comply with legal requirements. By undertaking this process you will see improvements in all processes and systems with the benefit of highly trained staff.